Core Value: Friendship

From an investor's standpoint, it is important to highlight the value that NFTs can offer, which a lot of people may have overlooked so far. Although it can be challenging to discuss value in a market where money flows in and out, it is crucial to do so in order to create a strong and mature market.

Our experience with Web3, before founding Hellobot, had exposed us to numerous communities, many of which we have enjoyed. However, a number of projects and communities, even those in the limelight, have not withstood the test of time and have disappeared, leaving us with a sense of regret [4]. This prompted us to consider how we could prevent such outcomes and led us to recognize the importance of Friendship. This was not a sudden realization but rather evolved from our work with Hellobot AI Chatbot in Web2. Our success in attracting many users to our service through this platform gave us confidence in our identity. Drawing from our experiences with both Web2 and Web3, we believe that Friendship-based NFTs hold promise in Web3.

To successfully establish this, however, several key factors are needed: Respect, NORI and Sustainability.

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