It's challenging to sustain our friendship for the long haul without any effort. That's why we place a high value on sustainability and are committed to continually developing sustainable business models. Our first offering is a Non-Player Character (NPC) service with AI chatbot tech from our Web2 business [6]. We already have our existing business in Web2 that utilizes AI chatbot tech to provide services like tarot card readings and fortune telling to the users. Hellobot platform with such services has raised $7m annually, and been enjoyed by 4.5m users. With this AI chatbot tech, we decided to create an NPC on the metaverse.

As can be seen in table 1, creating an NPC has already proven to be a successful business model in Roblox, generating a gross total of $Robux 161,520 (around $56,437) in November 2021. We have tested this to verify the feasibility of NPC service, which resulted in similar daily active users(DAU)/monthly active users(MAU) ratio to that of the top 50 games. DAU/MAU ratio of this Fortune Teller NPC (categorized as a game in Roblox) was 4.7%, while that of the top 50 was 6.44%. It was also ranked 5667th for gameplay time among 50 million games in Roblox. Despite the Fortune Teller NPC recording gameplay time at rank 5667 out of 5 million games, it achieved a significant result of 4.7% DAU/MAU, which is similar to the top 50 games. Through this, we have validated the sustainability of the NPC business [6].

With this background, we chose ZEPETO to be our first metaverse platform for the NPC business. The reason we chose ZEPETO is that it is one of the most popular metaverses in Asia and is rapidly growing with +300M users from +200 countries, as can be seen in Table 2 [7]. While there are many excellent metaverses out there that we are having a conversation with, we chose to spotlight ZEPETO first because we only want to tell people when we are fully ready to launch. Data on other metaverses and models in the roadmap is readily available.

We intend to further our expansion towards Web 3, as well as towards Web 2 with our sustainable BMs and NORI. Minting NFTs represents only the initial step. Our goal is to collaborate with the Web3 community. Imagine a Next-Gen community that feels like a close friend who values loyalty and stays present. To achieve this, I believe we need a strong and authentic foundation.

When we talk about friendship, we mean it sincerely and will demonstrate our commitment through tangible data, while continuing to prove it in the future.

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