The NFT market has attracted a lot of attention from many people for the past two years, especially with the emergence of "blue-chip NFTs". However, due to the crypto-asset market decline, hacking and rug pull in the blockchain and NFT markets, the unconditional interest has started to decrease, and the investors who lost trust in the market began to view NFTs from a skeptical perspective. The Hellobot Universe Official team, consisting of NFT Maxi enthusiasts, has analyzed the different perspectives people have towards NFTs based on the team’s own experiences in the market. Through this analysis, we, the Hellobot team, aim to share our perspective on how we view NFTs and how we plan to prepare for the future of NFTs.

Hellobot's perspective on NFTs aligns with our core value of Friendship. Hellobot aims to bring new quantitative and qualitative impacts to the NFT scene through this value. To achieve this, three key factors are important: Respect towards holders and partners, NORI which represents engagement and entertainment of community members, and Sustainability which enables the project to keep developing itself and its community.

This core value will be implemented through technological means, such as the mirroring method and technological features like verifiable random function, to realize our respect toward partners and holders. Similarly, staking functionality with a point system will reward holders for their contributions, which will strengthen friendship.

To specify our plans for the future, we propose a roadmap that includes our plans and goals. Our first business model, Metaverse Integration has already been achieved in the first metaverse, and Art Renewal is also in preparation. The values mentioned above are realized through our sustainable business model. The second business model is Real World Experiences (RWE), and we plan to upgrade it to Real World Assets (RWA) to achieve large-scale expansion. Our plan, through RWE and RWA, is not limited to here, and we strive to Forge a Path to Progress. From this stage, holders will be able to directly participate in the business.

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