Friendship hinges on mutual respect. Even if many individuals express interest and gain greater renown, without respect for the community members, the community will inevitably crumble. This statement may seem obvious, but it is no less important. Therefore, we engage with the community through numerous AMAs, responding to comments and messages from everyone as much as possible. We consider this to be akin to communicating with real friends and showing them the respect they deserve. In Figure 2, we can see how this affected the growth of our community. For a month, we have done various types of events and AMAs and the number of community members grew effectively. We have done all of these events and AMA sessions, to show our respect to our community members (to introduce other great projects and to inform on our project).

In addition, partnerships founded on mutual respect in Web3 have facilitated impressive growth beyond mere collaboration, even though the level of engagement may differ among communities. For example, as a partner of Polygon, a significant player in the blockchain industry, we have implemented mirroring technology for the first time to show our respect for Polygon and its ecosystem holders. Transactions and key features operate on the Ethereum chain but are also mirrored on Polygon. This structure allows NFTs to be traded on the Ethereum chain and bound on the Polygon chain, enabling holders to own NFTs on both chains.

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