NORI is a Korean term for entertainment or enjoyable plays. NORI is like playing games or enjoying activities together within the community with members gathered online or offline. This NORI could be an online game or offline activities where people gather at a venue to get to know each other. Our community members from around the world will get to know each other better and NORI will be a source of entertainment to enhance bonding.

We think that playing together(NORI) can help strengthen our friendships in many ways. We're already having a lot of fun, as can be seen in Figure 3. Community members have boosted the discord server 1,131 times (as of March 10th) to show their love and the art contest was phenomenal [5]. In our Discord server, members are always on the voicechat to have games, discussions, or chat on Web3 & IRL stuff, while the founder team and moderators prepare lots of online activities, such as Rumble, online tarot card reading sessions and karaoke, to make the community vibrant.

In addition to these already enjoyed activities, once the project starts, we'll make even more of an effort to make it enjoyable. To accomplish this, we also have prepared active and passive periods, a points system, and staking as tools. As mentioned earlier, NORI will not stay on Web3, but extend to the real world. Lots of real-life activities are being discussed and when we are ready to launch, community members will have chance to participate.

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