Metaverse Integration

  • Metaverse integration is one of the most common features for NFT projects. Many NFT projects created their own avatars in various metaverses for the holders. However, what we aimed to do was a bit different from what the rest of the NFT projects have tried to create.

  • As we’ve stated earlier, sustainability is one of the most important points in NFT projects, but most of the projects miss this and eventually run out of funds. To create sustainable BM, we have connected our business of AI chatbot in Web2 to Web3 metaverse.

We have created an NPC with our AI chatbot technology in one of the most famous metaverses, ZEPETO.

  • In order to do so, we have partnered with ZEPETO, a metaverse that provides "real" services. This Lamama NPC with AI chatbot tech will provide services like tarot card reading and fortune telling to users with a certain amount of money. The data coming from this NPC will be shared with the users once analyzed.

    • Our analysis of Roblox's data has proved the feasibility of this business.

  • ZEPETO is the first metaverse we collaborated with and we will continue to expand our business to various metaverses.

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