• Hellobot Universe NFT collection is on Ethereum chain.

  • The distribution plan for NFTs is summarized in Figure 4. There is a total of 5,555 NFTs, with 555 reserved for the team and 5,000 for community mint. 2,000 NFTs will be reserved for whitelisted people and 3,000 will be available through a public mint. The creator fee will be 7.5%.

  • We will put the profits generated from the business models we create, into a smart contract vault. The funds that go into this vault will be used for the scale-out of the project and distribution based on community contributions.

  • To quantitatively verify the degree of community contribution, we will implement a point system. Points will be rewarded to the members who actively participate in our NORI and will be used to show us how much contribution each individual has put into our project.

  • Details will be added when the system is ready for launch.

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